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Customer Service

Request for designs, text etc for shirts, queries, questions, complaints etc. can be submitted to the emails below. We make every effort to respond to emails as soon as possible.

Our customers are important to us. We value you opinion, so feel free to email me your pleasure or displeasure with our product so that we may improve our product and also adhere to and resolve all of your problems. Our clothing is made and designed to adhere to the varied taste of all our customers. Enjoy the experience.



10813 NW 30TH Street
Miami FL 33172
United States


We currently do not offer overnight shipping. The shipping carriers visits us only once a day sometime in the morning. Our printing team operates from the early hours of the morning around 5am to 4pm. If there is an order between those times it will be processed immediately and most times be assigned a shipping label. All orders made after those times in the day will be processed the next day and shipped out. Please bare with us because we are indeed a new and small entity and we are only afforded one pick up time for our orders by our shipping providers. We will do all we can to process your orders as soons as possible. Our processing time is normally 1-2 businesses days for Standard shipping but Fast-Track shipments get processed immediately. Thanks for your patience.